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Henry Lowood

Curator, History of Science & Technology Collections, Germanic Collections, and the Film & Media Collections, and Co-Director, Stanford Humanities Laboratory at Stanford University.

Henry Lowood was trained in the History of Science and Technology, and is an affiliate with the Science and Technology Studies Program, the History and Philosophy of Science Program, and the German Studies Department. Since 2004 he has been co-director of the Stanford Humanities Lab. In addition to being a spokesperson for digital humanities initiatives and developments in pedagogy with digital media, Dr. Lowood has combined interests in history, technological innovation and the gaming industry to run several long-term research projects, including "How They Got Game: The History and Culture of Interactive Simulations and Videogames," and the "History of Computer Game Design or The Consumer as Creator in Contemporary Media." Author of numerous recent articles and essays on gaming culture and technology, such as "Impotence and Agency: Computer Games as a Post-9/11 Battlefield", he has most recently turned his attention to Machinima, or "machine cinema", and the convergence of film production with on-line gaming communities and gaming technologies. Recent articles on the emerging topic include: "Warcraft Adventures: Texts, Replay and Machinima in a Game-Based Story World", and "Found Technology: Players as Innovators in the Making of Machinima". He is currently completing the editing of a book on the subject, The Machinima Reader.

Dr. Lowood also edits the Current Bibliography in the History of Technology of the Society for the History of Technology.

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