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Welcome to the Archive for the Visualizing Knowledge Seminar

This Archive will be updated after each session with streaming audio of the presentation and questions
(requires Quicktime 7.0 or later available at Apple)


With the ending of the seminar, the ability to add commentary under each speaker has been closed. If you wish to add a comment
please visit the Commentary page or email the organizers.

Fall Quarter Archive

03 October 2006

James Elkins, Art Institute of Chicago
Perspective and Other Visual Modes across the University

17 October 2006

Thomas Hankins, University of Washington (emeritus)
Seeing and Showing with Instruments in Early Modern Science

31 October 2006

Panel Discussion : Visualizing Concepts
Joann Kleinneiur, Stanford University
Reviel Netz, Stanford University

14 November 2006

Pat Hanrahan, Stanford University

28 November 2006

Panel Discussion: Japan and the Western Eye
Christine Guth, Independent Scholar
Hokusai's Geometry
Timon Screech, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Knowing that Thought Hangs Round Dead Bones: Japanese
Anatomical Practice in the Edo Period

Winter Quarter Archive

16 January 2007

Barbara Maria Stafford, University of Chicago
Grammars of Expression, Visual Formulas, Schema and How They Mean

30 January 2007

Michael Shanks, Stanford University
Timothy Webmoor, Stanford University

13 February 2007

Panel Discussion : The Digital Future and Optical Past
Elizabeth Kessler, Stanford University
Anne Friedberg, University of Southern California

27 February 2007

Panel Discussion: Visible Knowledge Systems
David Rumsey, Cartography Associates and Luna Imaging, Inc.
Kären Wigen, Stanford University

6 March 2007

Panel Discussion: Institutions of Visual Knowledge
Timothy Lenoir, Duke University
Paula Findlen, Stanford University

Spring Quarter Archive

10 April 2007

Panel Discussion: The Visibility of Motion
Marta Braun, Ryerson University
Pavle Levi, Stanford University

24 April 2007

Panel Discussion: Vision on the Web
Fred Turner, Stanford University
Henry Lowood, Stanford University

8 May 2007

Barbara Tversky, Stanford University
Some Ways that Graphics Communicate

22 May 2007

Panel Discussion: Visual Culture in Contemporary Japan
Thomas La Marre, McGill University
John Treat, Yale University

5 June 2007

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